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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

I'll start this blog by confessing that I have seen Frozen 2 three times now. Okay now that we've gotten that out of the way I can share with you what God has been up tp at UTD! I'm seeing a reoccurring theme, the months seem to come and go in a blink of an eye and it's overwhelming to see what God is doing.

At the beginning of the month, we had our pizza theology. Pizza theology is a really neat event we put on for our students. FOCUS noticed a need to help our students exchange the scriptures on a biblical level. They were advancing in their academic career but still held an elementary level when it came to reading the bible. We do 2 hours of theology, an hour of a pizza dinner (classic CiCi's), and then another 2 hours of theology. This pizza theology Mary Poplin, who had the chance to work with Mother Teresa at Calcutta, discussed what it looks like to engage secular culture as a disciple. it was such an honor to get to hear from her. I was pretty challenged to think through what my relationship with money and possessions when it comes to serving the kingdom of God. I think I have this picture that I need to sell everything and live in my car to truly be a radical disciple. Ms. Poppin really encouraged me to just being where I am and what I didn’t have to do that to be a disciple.

Before Thanksgiving, we did a worship night and I snapped a few pictures of a worship activity where students picked a picture and wrote down what salvation delivered them.

This was one of my favorite responses.
God is so powerful! 

This is my sweet friend Siena and my co-leader (co-fa), Siena. Bailey has been coming to our small group since the third week of school. It’s been so neat watching her take her faith into her own hands. She recently got a new bible and has been so proud to carry it around and read out of it. During core, we announced winter camp and she quickly asked if she could sign up immediately. She said that if she did then she would be held accountable to go. I’m crazy excited for her to come and I’m super expectant if what God is going to do at camp through her. Please be praying that she is open to what God is doing and that she would be open to studying the Bible more. I can see her being a great leader when she decides to surrender to Jesus.

Elli, Siena, and Bailey!

This is my co-fa Siena. She is so awesome. I’m incredibly proud of her. She really loves people well and is willing to sacrifice the things the world tells us are important for the kingdom. She is so smart and I am honored that I get to co-lead with her. I hope to be as kind as her when I grow up. 

These are some sweet friends that I met while I was in focus. Now we’re growing up and people are getting married. It’s sweet that even though we’re done with college, we are still friends and getting to do exciting life events together. The first picture was taken in 2016 and all of Erin’s bridesmaids (besides 2) just so happened to be pictured here. We got to go help Erin find a dress. After finding her dress we took some time to pray over her which lead her stylist to tears. She told us she was encouraged by our friendship and wasn’t used to seeing people interact in that way. I so often forget how blessed I am to have friends who really love Jesus and love people well. God used FOCUS to teach us how to do life together and how to live freely in the community. I think that’s one of the things I’m most thankful for this thanksgiving. 

This is my sweet friend Sarah Beth, we’ve been friends since high school. I really love her a lot and her mom is about to be taken off life support tomorrow. Please pray for comfort for her and her family. They love Jesus and trust in God’s plan but it’s hard to lose a loved one.

-Please pray for my core. Pray that we would become true friends. That our group would love fiercely, speak truthfully, and carry each other's burdens. It has been such a blessing getting to love up on these girls and I have loved leading them. 
- Please pray specifically that fear of imperfection and grades will not riddle the girls in my core and at the greater FOCUS student body. I have seen satan had such a hold on the students in playing at their need to succeed and feel valued through their school work.
- Please pray for the apprentice group, that we would honor God with the things that we are learning and that we are faithful to what God has given to us.
- Please pray that the staff as a whole will see the needs of students and that we pursue them the way Jesus pursues them. 


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