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Sunday, March 15, 2020

To be completely honest, this semester has been way harder than last. I heard a lot before I did the apprenticeship that it was going to be one of my hardest years, that I’d be grown and stretched out of my comfort zone, and boy were they right. I’ve been in a bit of strange funk and thankfully being pushed to look more like Jesus everyday. I’m really trying to surrender those self doubting thoughts to God and let him create a new creation in me. “Some trust in horses, others in chariots, but I trust in the name of my God” Psalm 20:7 (that was my memory verse last week so I hope I did it justice). I’ve been really trying to write the word of God in my heart. I want to be a disciple that leans into God and less on my own understanding. While this month has been hard, it has been a huge blessing. I’m thankful that we serve a God who wants us to know him. This week I’ve been praying over that Philippians 3:10 verse, I want to know Christ yes to know the power of his resurrection, the participation of suffering becoming like him and his death. I want to know God in it all. 

We did a joint core for Valentine’s Day and it was so sweet! A few girls in my core don’t get to go to a lot of large group events so it was so exciting for them to get to meet some of the other girls in the ministry. Something that’s been on my heart this semester is facilitating more of the relational aspect among our girls. They have friends and do life together but so much steals their attention and there are so many girls to get to know. I’ve tried to have bi-weekly girl hangs and empower out girls to do facilitate on their own too!

ERIN GOT MARRIED!!! It was the best day with the sweetest people. God has been so good to them and to our friend group. I got to spend the whole weekend with some of my favorite and closest friends. Erin has walked with me in a lot of hard seasons and is one of my favorite people. She’s easy to love and it was an honor to celebrate her.

My gal pal and fellow apprentice Jacy gave her first sermon at Collin and it was a treat to cheer her on!

This’s is one of our student leaders, Abby, who gave our giving talk the other week. Our student leaders are amazing and they serve our body so well. I’m so proud of them and so thankful for all of their hard work. 

for one of our after events, I planned a speed dating friendship style event. Students had 8-12 minutes to ask a question and they had to do it with someone they didn’t know every round.

S P R I N G    S H O W C A S E
Showcase is a big fundraiser night we put on to hello seems our students to a leadership conference up in Washington. It’s such a neat night filled with music, acting, and an awesome art show. I had the honor of donating some digital art this year! Two girls from my core have been invited to this conference (SICM). I get to study the Bible with one of those girls and God is doing really cool things in her life. My challenge for her this semester is to be more bold. She loves God and his people. I’ve been reminding her that God doesn’t give a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and sound mind. She has really taken this challenge and has been bold in her relationships, in our small group, and in our one on one time. She has opened up and has been practicing praying out loud and confession. I’m so proud of both of our girls and I’m so excited to see how God uses them. 
THE one and only concession team. 
 The awesome show!

Garvin is one of my buds from college, it’s always crazy to me that we’re now coming to these events as adults and not students. Josh ( to the right) and I are friends because of Garvin. Garvin kept telling me about this dude Josh and now we’re doing the apprenticeship together and have become good friends.

Thank you so much for all that you do!
Please be praying for our fundraising to send our future student leaders to SICM (the Leadership conference in Washington).
Please pray for the girls side of the ministry and that we would grow deeper in friendship and really give to live life our worth as many girls as possible.
Please pray for their spring break and that our students will be safe.

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