It's gunna be May

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

We had a social distance worship night in a Walmart parking after our last focus (following CDC guidelines). This is pretty much the only picture I have from May since we've been doing everything online. This is my roommates Emily and Meg. They love God fiercely and I was so moved to see Emily knelt at the feet of Jesus, praising God amongst the craziness of life. 

You know how they say, time fly's when you're having fun? what about time fly's when you're having fun, laughing, crying, and seeing God work? The apprenticeship is wrapping up and in some ways I feel like we just started and that it's been 3 years. God has really worked these past ten months. I feel like he continues to show me a life I never knew I could have.

Starting the apprenticeship, I let my negative emotions rule my life, I didn't think about how my negativity could affect the people around me, I let my lack of discipline rule my life.  I didn't know how to talk about it I felt stuck in these cycles and couldn't get out. I remember praying before the apprenticeship, that God would somehow pull these things in to the light and that I wouldn't be able to hide in them anymore. And he did. Throughout the apprenticeship, God was pushing and reshaping me, and I'm not going to lie, it felt painful. It still feels painful. But I've seen this freedom and I want it. I want the fullness of God. I want God to be able to use me and transform me. I want God to use me to share the gospel with his children. I want to be free from the bondage of sin and live in the freedom of God.

I want God to do these same things for the students at UTD. I want the girls I'm ministering to to experience this freedom. I want them to know the power of the gospel. I can see a life for them. I believe that God has given me a vision for them and I want to see God move in their lives.

This is the best job. I never thought i'd stay in full time ministry but God has a way of surprising us. This work is so meaningful to me. I believe in it. I get to watch God transform college students. I get to watch students exchange lies for truth. I get to watch students lean into the gospel and let God wreck the chains Satan has put on them.
You get to do this too.
I will never have the words to describe how thankful I am for your support. This support you give me is such a gift. You have a hand in these students life. You are apart of this vision God has.

Thank you for everything.

Prayer Request:
As I move onto full staff, I am fundraising support for this next year. This is something I have found myself being anxious about. There is something so vulnerable and humbling to come to people and ask them for money. I have to remind myself I'm not doing this for me but for God. I want to be the girl living in his freedom, not the girl who believe lies. Please pray that I would continue to remember who God says he is.
Please pray for the girls I have spent all school year with. Like so many people, being stuck at home has been hard for their emotional health. Please pray Rebecca, Carolina, Bailey, Anna, Elli, Isabelle, Jessica, and Kiree continue to pursue God during this time. Please pray that they will live in the light of his truth and continue to build relationships with each other.
Please pray for FOCUS and that this summer God will give us guidance on how to "re-enter" being on campus well.
Please pray for churches and for people ho are struggling worshiping God being at home and not in community.

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