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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Happy July!! I hope you had a great and restful Fourth of July weekend! I spent it with my roommates in the sun and being very very emotional watching Hamilton for the first time.

N E X T  Y E A R
On another note, I have some exciting news for this upcoming school year.
I'M GOING TO RICHLAND COLLEGE!! I will be joining our Dallas ministry staff team as a campus minister at Richland College! I am seriously so excited!
UTD was such a special place for me. I was challenged in so many different ways- from the students and the staff. God really used UTD to push me out of my comfort zone. Looking back at my core, we had a pretty diverse group of girls, ranging from different church experiences, temperaments, ethnicity, and even just interest. At UNT, most of the people I interacted with had almost all the same interests. I had to learn to push past my comforts in so many ways at UTD. I will miss that school and the students so much. I am so proud of them.
I am so excited for the chance to get to work with this team and the students at Richland.  I really discovered God when I was a student at a community college, so I have always had a soft spot for our community colleges. In some ways too I feel like I will get to experience some of teen ministry again. Richland has a high school program so we will not only reach out to college students, but also teens. God has been doing really cool things at Richland over the last few years and I am so honored I get to join in on what He is doing there!
This is from Winter Camp last January. The two sweet humans in the back are my new co-workers/ besets buddies! Sirak, the campus director, will be my supervisor so we will meet weekly throughout the year and Sandra runs the woman's side of the ministry and kills it! I'm so excited to get to work with them in the fall! 
This is Richland at Fall Camp this past year! I'm looking forward to getting to work with these students!

This past month was filled with all the zoom, FaceTime, and social distance dates! We are still live streaming FOCUS every Thursday nights and we have campus specific zooms our students can join for small group discussions. Campuses are slowly trying to figure out what they are going to do in the fall. this is such an interesting season to experience.

 "So You Want to be like Christ" by Charles Swindoll states that to have intimacy with God, we must have discipline. A few girls and I have been reading through this book during our weekly time together. I feel like God is asking me to be faithful with him in this time. The area of discipline feels harder and harder as time goes with being stuck at home. As I have been going through this book with my girls, I recognize some of the beauty of being at home more, getting more opportunities to practice these spiritual disciplines and commune with God. Just getting to spend more time with the girls I meet with in scripture, really mulling though what God is thinking about things. There's a beauty there. One that is so easy to miss. This intimacy with God we are all craving. As I try to rest in the stillness, I invite you into it as well. There is a sweetness of just being with God.

Thank you so much for your support! I am still fundraising and honestly have been struggling. I know God is good and has set out before me. If you know someone who would be interested in partnering with me in ministry, I'd love to share what God is doing at some of our local colleges!

As the schools are deciding what to do in the Fall, please be praying for our students. God created us to be together in community and some of student's are really struggling. Some of them live alone, live with complicated family relationships, or just miss their christian community.

Big hugs!

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