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Monday, November 16, 2020

 Hello! October came and went like a ghost. To be honest that was way funnier in my head. I don't know about you but with COVID, my roommates and I put up Halloween decorations up the last day of September and out Christmas stuff up as soon as Halloween was over. Who needs holiday rules!

These are some of my core girls. We recently went to downtown garland during core because we thought they had state fair food, only to find out that was something they did 2 months ago. In a way, it was kind of sweet for our girls to have the chance to just hang out and be in a different setting. I think sometimes I forget that God can work in mundane things like walking around the Garland square. 

When this school year started, it was so different than what we knew. So much of our normal day to day was so different but God has been so faithful! The other week, randomly, Richland sent out an email telling the students about our organization and we had a bunch of new people reach out to us! 

If you could also be praying for me, I was in a wreck last week. I'm okay, the other car is okay, but unfortunately, my car is totaled. I didn't meet my fundraising goal of $3000 a month by August, so I am already on a pretty tight budget. I am kicking back up on fundraising and trying to raise another $1000 a month, if you know anyone who is passionate about college students knowing God, please let me know. If you feel lead to increase your giving, I would love to talk to you more about that. I would not be able to do this job if it wasn't for your support, I am so thankful for that and I hope you know that! 

Here's a snapshot of this past month! 

My roommates and I dressed up as Wizard of Oz and won the group contest at our churches kid's fundraiser.
My roommates and I dressed up as Wizard of Oz and won the group contest at our church's kid's fundraiser. It was so sweet getting to support our Jam kiddos and help them raise money for camp this summer! 

We had a masked Halloween party after TNT last week and it was so much fun! Our students sang karaoke and ate treats and just laughed together. 

This is my buddy, Katelyn. I've actually known her for years from when I was doing teen ministry. She grew up in the Northeast church and is now in FOCUS. Her mom was one of the people who was involved when FOCUS first started! I Love being her friend. 

This is my buddy Dayo! He is a student at Richland and is also attending UNT. He loves God and has been pushing himself to reach out to people. Dayo can let fear get in his way of reaching out but God has called him to surrender that fear! So proud of him and the way he is pushing himself to be like Christ. 

This past month I had the honor of being in my friend's wedding! This wedding was so special to me because not only is Sarah Beth (the bride) a good friend of mine, but her husband Colton has been like a brother to me. We all met in our youth group and have been close friends for 7-8ish years now. We've done a lot of growing up together and have experienced a lot of difficult things. They both love God and I'm excited to see how God continues to use them. I love them a lot! 

Prayer request 

- School is so different for our students, they are completely on their own, they don't even get video lectures. This is making getting their school work very difficult. Many of our students are international students and have to keep up a certain GPA to maintain their scholarships. They are pretty stressed and most of them are early in their college careers and don't know how to study well. 

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