2021 nice to meet you!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021


THE NEW YEAR IS HERE, YAY!!!!!!! January came and went but that's okay because that means we are BACK AND IN ACTION! We kicked off the new year with our staff retreat. Doing staff retreat this year was optional due to COVID so about half of our staff stayed home to tune in online. I choose to go in person and it was so sweet. Getting to do campus ministry full time is one of the biggest blessings in my life, but I'd have to say working for this specific campus ministry is a close second runner to the work we get to do! This year we spent some time reflecting on our story, from the story of FOCUS, to how each staff member got involved with FOCUS. Our ministry started in 1997 with a guy who just wanted a campus ministry at UTD and God has been so faithful with that vision. Now we are at 11+ campuses and getting to meet students from all walks of life. After hearing each staff member share how they got involved, there was a common theme, someone saw them. Someone noticed them and invited them into their lives. Nothing crazy or ground breaking, just something as simple as befriending someone. Someone befriended them and passed the vision of what God could do in their lives and on their college campus. 
The power of the gospel has such a simplistic aspect to it that makes it so powerful. That God wants us. That's it, he doesn't want some impressive mega Christian, he just wants you. 
my sweet roomie Ky. Love this girl BIG!!

Hannah, Emily, Shayla, and I went on a hike during one of our afternoon free times. 

We zoomed in the rest of our staff during the sessions. 
my staff retreat road trip buddies!!

our first meeting of the year we had to do it on the good old zoomie zoom due to me and another staff member having a COVID exposure (thankfully we did not get it). I was a little nervous and honestly pretty bummed that the first meeting of the school year had to be on zoom but I was so impressed by them! they were so engaged and excited to be there. We tired to make it as interactive as possible with a worship questions in the chat while Sirak sang over us and small groups discussions throughout 
Our first in person core of the semester!! Katelyn and Mari have been faithful to core this whole year and I'm so excited for this upcoming semester with them!
Katelyn and I played around with my (FB marketplace STEAL humble brag) Cricut machine and made some water bottles!

Praying for the upcoming year:
- please pray that we will be able to have stuff together in person
- please pray for the vaccine to become more available so hopefully we will get to at least walk around campus before the year is up!
please pray for boldness for our students. Boldness to reach out, to do hard things, and to choose God over fear.

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