The sun is shining!

Monday, April 5, 2021


This past month has marked our one year anniversary with covid. We've been separated, some alone, trying to find a new normal, forced to slow down, finding new hopes, settling down with the spirit. There's been a lot of pain, and surprising moments of pure joy. We have gotten to see God moving in the midst of something horrible. We've gotten the chance to love our neighbor. I've seen how important connection is. I feel like I have a new love for God's people after this year! 

MARCH 2021 for yah! 
mask snuggles during a very chilly leader meeting! Sayuri just applied to Tech and UTA. Please be praying that she will be awarded in state tuition (and scholarships) at UTA. She really wants to go to a school with FOCUS in the fall. 
Welcome to Richland pre-spring break impromptu dance party!! This year has been so strange but lil moments like these are my absolute favorite. After our ventilated masked FOCUS, we go hang out and have dinner together. I told everyone it was time to go home and next thing you know we had a hour long dance party in the parking lot. Our students just love being together. They'll say good night and then start up a whole other conversation. 

I got vaccinated!! Praise God! I'm seriously so thankful for the opportunity to get vaccinated. My friend J had a baby during the pandemic and now that I'm vaccinated, I get to hold bb P! I love being around people. IT gives me a lot of hope that we re getting closer and closer to be all together again! 
Our fearless leader Sirak giving us the word at Thursday Night Thunder! 
over spring break I had the opportunity to go to the beach with some UTD girls (and my roomies, who are also utd girlies!). It was so special to get to go on this trip with them! Meg, Emily, Jordy, and Siena are students at UTD, Kylie and Andrea are on staff at UTD, and bridgett is at Richland with me! it was sweet to just soak in God's sun and giggle for a few days! 

just catching that golden hour before TNT (Thursday Night Thunder). I love that our students enjoy being together. They are really starting to explore community at a deeper level! Please be praying that God will continue to grow this in them and that they would be people that could cultivate community for others. 

NEXT YEAR: After a lot of praying, I had decided to transition off FOCUS staff when my contract is up May 31st this year. It was a hard decision to make but I feel called to work with high school students. I am currently in the process of an alternative teaching certification to teach high school speech. I am planning on being a youth worker for CTF (the Wylie Northeast Church's youth ministry). I was helping with CTF before I went on staff so I'm excited to go back. Being on staff with FOCUS has been one of, if not the, greatest blessings of my life. God has continually pushed me to change and become like him the past two years. FOCUS stuck out with me through my college years and loves me hard the past two years. I am in awe of all that God has done in my life and those around me through this ministry. Thank you for your partnership and love the past two years. Your investment has made this journey for me possible! 


  1. This is so good! Very proud of you Ash and inspired how God has changed you since we started the apprenticeship. Love ya friend! CTF is blessed to gain a great servant loving leader.